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The Norwegian Volleyball Tournament Vestcup is an annually Norwegian Volleyball Tournament in Stavanger, Norway. Our vision is to enhance volleyball and make the world a better place for volleyball players.

Naturally we have focus on gathering the Norwegian Volleyball teams, but based on our experience since 1980's, Volleyball teams from other countries makes Vestcup an even better place to play Volleyball.

The Vestcup-committee hopes that You and Your team wants to participate in The Vestcup Tournament, and thereby help us in achieving our goal for Vestcup :
Teams from all divisions and at all levels, Norwegian teams and International teams - resulting in the better tournament for all participating players, leaders and teams !

Do You have questions about Vestcup please contact us via e-mail at .

The Vestcup History

Vestcup is a Norwegian Volleyball tournament organised by the Vestcup committee. The Vestcup committee is a group within the KFUM Stavanger Volleyball (KFUM = YMCA) .

The tournament was originally named "Åpningsturneringen" - the first tournament every season in Rogaland. In 1987 KFUM Stavanger took the responsibility for the tournament and renamed it to Vestcup. Vestcup has always been a tournament for all teams at all levels, and Vestcup is thereby an important gathering for volleyball in Norway.

We have had teams from Romania, Netherland, China, Denmark and Sweden in Vestcup.
Perhaps this year Your team or teams from Your country may want to participate ?

vestcup bilde6About Vestcup

Vestcup is an indoor tournament, and it is the first volleyball-gathering in the autumn for Norwegian teams before the season starts.

The tournament is organised in 3 groups for women and men. Group 1 consists of teams from the top division(s) - elite. Group 2 for mid-divisions, and Group 3 for lower divisions. We have separate groups for girls and boys. Group 4 for girls / boys 17 - 18 years old, group 5 for girls/boys 15-16 years old, group 6 for girls / boys 13-14 years, group 7 for girls/boys 11-12 years old, group 8 for girls/boys 0-10 years old. Group 7 and 8 play minivolleyball where special rules apply with 6x6 m court and 3 players pr team.

Where is Vestcup ?

Vestcup is held in "Stavanger Idrettshall", Stavanger, Norway. Click the map below to go to Google Maps and find the location to Stavanger Idrettshall.


 "Stavanger Idrettshall" is the indoor location of all major sports events in Stavanger. It can be divided into 4 parts which gives a total of 12 volleyball fields. Stavanger Idrettshall is located ca. 10 minutes drive from downtown Stavanger and ca. 20 minutes drive from Stavanger Airport Sola. See local maps and travel information (norwegian only)

When is Vestcup ?

Vestcup is normally held one of the mid weekends in september every year. typically 15th September or the weekend closest to mid September.

The matches normally starts Saturday at 08.00, but for top division we might start matches on Friday afternoon. Vestcup finals will be finished Sunday at 17.00.

Signing up

Information and links for signing up (online) to Vestcup is to be found here on this page. This is Norwegian only and if If You are interested to sign up manually by email or want more information please contact us via email :

Rules under Vestcup

  • All teams must have the same clothing
  • All matches are played with reduced serve-field
  • Group 1 - Elite play matches with best of 5 set, normal volleyball rules
  • Group 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 play matches with best of 3 sets, normal volleyball rules
  • Group 7 and 8 play minivolleyball rules, 2x10 minutes, 6x6 m court and 3 players per team
  • Each team must have their own referees and secretary for the matches set-up in the Tournament Schedule.
  • The court is normal volleyball standard but there is reduced space for serves in Stavanger Idrettshall. There is ca 1.5 m available space behind the back line for serves.

Sleeping during Vestcup

The main purpose of Vestcup is never sleeping, however we all appriciate a place to put ourselves down for a couple of hours before next match... Vestcup is held in Stavanger Idrettshall next to the Scandic Forum Hotel . There are also other possibilities in the area .

Do You have questions about Vestcup or Your stay in Stavanger, please take contact with us at 

Welcome to Vestcup and Stavanger !